Night sights are a self-illuminated sighting system that allows you to find your gun in darkness and acquire your target quickly. A must for all severe defense applications.


Strong & Dependable! AmeriGlo tritium night sights machined and assembled in the USA, provide clear and accurate target acquisition in normal and low light conditions.

Utilizing the traditional 3-dot system, AmeriGlo sights offer an instinctive aiming system, which requires no transition from day to night use.

AmeriGlo sights install easily, replacing factory sights, and are made to factory-equal heights for precise and quick aiming.

For shooters experiencing an inaccurate point-of-impact, AmeriGlo offers a simple solution a wide range of front sight heights. From the stock size of .165 up to a .300 for adjustable rear sights, AmeriGlo s line of tritium front sights will keep you on target!

Sight industry  develops and distributes a variety of maintenance-free self-illuminated signs, and devices. Current customers include the US military, federal, state and local law requirement, search and rescue units, and an array of commercial businesses. The AmeriGlo products emphasize safe and reliable tritium gas as the light source. The lighting designs are characterized by the complete absence of any power supply, batteries, thermal image, or electrical connections.

Providing light sources that are 100% reliable in all environments is the focus of AmeriGlo s business. The laser-sealed gas lamps in each device operate in all climatic conditions. Product testing showed no change of light output in temperatures ranging from -76 F and 158 F and continuous operation when immersed in water.

New Operator Night Sight!

The tritium based Operator sight has a white outline on the front sight only. The rear sight does not have the white outlines forcing the shooter to concentrate on the front sight. They have also thinned the front sight to allow more daylight to be seen between the front and rear sight allowing for faster target acquisition. This sight is installed with either an MGW or Glock rear sight tool.

Lots of people prefer Glock pistols for tactical & self-defense purposes.Compact & lightweight, it’s the h&gun you can depend on.

However, having an h&gun with you is not entirely enough especially at night. When you’re botching, for instance, you’ll have a hard time pointing your gun. This is where night sights come into the picture.

The best Glock Sights for various pistols serves as your solution in aiming straight. Find out more in this article!
Glock Sight Reviews

The best Glock sights are these you can depend on even in bright surroundings; not just from the usual low light & night conditions.

Protecting yourself from those who want you harm not only happens in the dark, so you need to prepare for the worst. Through our best Glock sight reviews, we give you seven current bestsellers with their respective pros & cons.

The most important upgrade for a Glock 17 pistol is the sight, especially the one for night usage.

Sights are needed to focus properly on the front & to verify the alignment accurately. To know where the gun is aiming at, use a correct sight for your Glock 17 pistol. A small misalignment may affect the focus, thus affect the shooting.

There are sights that are good & efficient for daytime use, but most of them are not functional during nighttime or low light condition. Because you do not understand what the weather would be out there, it is wise to be prepared with your accessories.

The soundest sight for Glock 17 is the one that can be used both at daytime & nighttime. What is the best sight for Glock 17? Here are the top 5 best sights for Glock 17 in the market today:

Top Best Sights for Glock 17

Trijicon GL01 Bright & Tough Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols

This sight fits a wide range of Glock pistols & it features several unique designs that include White Rings placed around the dots to provide clear daylight visibility.

The Tritium-phosphor lamp is another feature, & it is intended for super illumination on low light settings or nighttime & dark weather condition.

The Sapphire window caps the tritium lamp with sapphire jewels to distribute light evenly when shooting.

The Protective Aluminum cylinders protect the tritium lamp against recoil & harsh cleaning solvents.

The extension of this best Glock 17 sight to your pistol allows you to increase your shooting precision daytime or nighttime by up to five times the rate.

It is housed in an alloy body plus a cushioned silicone rubber, making it more durable. The growing lamps come with a 12-year warranty period from the date of manufacture.

Truglo Fiber Optic Handgun Sight

This is one of the best Glock 17 sights in the market because of its great features. This sight has the common fiber optic technology in CNC-machine steel construction. The sight also has a conflicting color of red & green in the front & rear.

The fiber conceals the light to be invisible to the target. Its snag-resistant design fits the holsters & the sight fits various Glock pistols.

It is so easy to install & use for a wide variety of pistols. It is an excellent upgrade to any of your Glocks. Its design is made from quality materials & the alignment is made perfect with this sight, & you can quickly unholster or draw & get a good sight of your target at daytime or low light condition without allowing your destination to notice you.

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

With the advantage of the Meprolight system, which is the tritium light source system, you can maximize the use of the pistol with its fail-safe & maintenance-free light sources.

It does not need other sources of energy to power it up efficiently, & it has 15 years of complete & full potential usability that provides light daytime or nighttime or at all weather & low-light conditions.

This sight for Glock 17 pistol offers a good quality light at night.

It can be installed easily & it can illuminate brightly & efficiently in dark areas.

It is an adaptable set that can be customized to fit the Glocks nicely. It provides a right fit to G17, 19, 20, 21, 22, & 23.

TruGlo Bright – Site TFO H&gun Sight

This is one of the best sights for Glock 17 because it features a sight that is formed from the mixture of fiber-optic & tritium technologies. This system provides the illumination that maintains the brightness all throughout the use, allowing you to nail down your target any time of the day.

& since the tritium glows also in the dark, you can also aim at night efficiently. It also highlights the CNC machined-steel construction, making it more durable for more extended use.

This green rear-sight fits any st&ard holster & it is fit to Glocks 17/17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 38, & 39. This is a great sight to add to each Glock pistol for accurate shooting. It is a bit bigger, but it is very effective in low light environment & in all weather conditions. It is a great device for its cost.

VITE Green & Red Dot Sight Holographic Sight Truglo Sights

Another best sight for Glock 17 is the VITE Green/Red Dot Holographic Sight. It features a metallic-fiber & solid metal construction for more durability.

It also has a red & green color light, four reticle shape, five levels of brightness, & different patterns to choose from to suit the weather conditions.

The Windage adjusting & locking screw also provides a steady focus & target while the multicoated lens offers sharp & clear focus. It also comes with a protective covering for the lens to prevent the glass from scratches.

The screw is adjustable so that you can choose a color that is proper to the light depending on the weather or light condition.

The package comes with a wrench that you can use to adjust the levels & the color to make the shooting & focusing more accurate.


With all the options for sights that are available in the market today, what is the best view for Glock 17 to buy? When you choose, keep in mind what the most important & necessary features should be in sight to make your target shooting more accurate.

It is always about the efficiency in the performance that suits & matches your Glock. The sights mentioned above are amongst the best Glock 17 sights according to the Glock 17 sight reviews.

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